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Medical Cannabis Assessments (In Maryland)


We want to be able to help patients throughout the state of Maryland with their chronic ailments, by first understanding their individual medical needs and then educating them about medical cannabis use for those needs.

Residents of Maryland can seek wellness and balance in life with getting certified and customized recommendations by Dr. Namita K. Thapar-Dua. We have great connections with dispensaries that will help you select the proper strain, dosage and ingestion techniques for your specific needs. We are trying to help our patients achieve optimal overall health, wellness and education.


Dr. Thapar-Dua recently has joined the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) as a Certified Providers in 2019. She is a strong advocate for the use of medical cannabis for those patients who can benefit from its use. This may overall improve their health and treat any disease or condition which is indicated, after many other treatment ways may have not been successful.

Dr. Thapar-Dua graduated from University of Maryland, Dental School in 1998, she then continued her education with a one-year General Residency Program at the Washington D.C. Veteran’s hospital. Dr. Thapar-Dua is currently the Owner and Dentist for Senior Smile. 

Senior Smile is a mobile dental service which has been servicing the Senior Living Communities and homebound persons, since 2005. Dr. Thapar-Dua has been practicing dentistry for over 20 years, she recently sold her practice in Rockville, MD to cater to the geriatric population as well as any age of person that is bound to their homes. Dr. Thapar-Dua takes pride in her work and has made a difference in the geriatric community and patients with disabilities.

Dr. Thapar-Dua recently took interest in providing more healthy/natural ways of treating her patients in nursing facilities, she then decided to become a provider for medical cannabis use and apply that to this population, where it can be used. Dr. Thapar-Dua has also opened this opportunity to the community, to whomever can benefit from its medicinal use.



Dr. Thapar-Dua is authorized by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) to approve qualifying patients to use cannabis in Maryland. 


Please call: (301) 875-7477 to schedule your visit today (Office visits by appointment only)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we are currently doing telehealth appointments, via Facetime, ZOOM, etc. to accommodate the needs of the patients during this difficult time.


At this moment, we are servicing the areas of Montgomery County, Prince George’s County and Frederick County. We can also certify patients all over the state of Maryland.

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