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Snap-On Smiles

Are you looking for a simple solution for smile problems that isn’t permanent and is very affordable? Snap-On Smiles was developed with all of these factors in mind. At NTC Dental in Rockville near Washington, D.C., we offer Snap-On Smiles, which is a revolutionary way for you to experience the freedom of a beautiful smile.

What kinds of problems do you have with your smile? Crooked teeth? Discoloration? Chips, gaps, orcracks? Snap-On Smiles literally snap on to cover these and other smile problems! The Snap-On Smiles mouthpieces can even replace missing teeth easily and affordably! Like a fixed dental bridge, Snap-On Smiles are held in place by snapping onto your existing teeth, but unlike fixed bridges, Snap-On Smiles are not permanently bonded in place. This gives you the freedom to wear your Snap-On Smile or remove it for better oral health care and greater flexibility!

The dentist who developed Snap-On Smiles did so because he believed everyone should have access to an attractive smile. A beautiful look can help you go far in life – don’t let cost keep you from enjoying the benefits! Because it’s so affordable, Snap-On Smile has opened up the possibility of cosmetic dentistry to people who never before dreamed it was possible.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Chaudhary at NTC Dental to discuss the process for getting your own Snap-On Smile. Our Rockville, MD dental office conveniently serves the Washington, D.C. area, making it possible for everyone to love their smiles.

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